At Homelink Lettings & Estates we try to make the entire lettings process from the beginning to the end as seamless as possible.

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It is important to first work out what areas you would consider living in and also essential to carry out your own research on the area to familiarise yourself with local area information including Schools, transport links, supermarkets and local amenities which include restaurants and cafes, pubs and bars.


After you have identified which area(s) are suitable for your needs the next step to work out your finances; you can use our rent affordability calculator to check the amount of rent you can afford based on your income(s) (We use HomeLet as our referencing company who use an individual/joint rental income calculation of 2.5 x the rent) and from there you can search for properties based on your income.

Property Search

Now that you have established which area suits your needs and also your affordability you are now in a position to actively start your property search.

Homelink Lettings & Estates’ website has a Property Search Bar which will help you locate which properties are available to rent in your selected area(s) which you can further filter results using the amount of bedrooms and also minimum/maximum amount per month or as above you can search by affordability.

Once you have found your desirable property and wish to arrange a viewing you can either give us a call direct using the office number listed on the property as we have two branches, email us info@homelink.co.uk or send an enquiry online and we will make contact with you to arrange the viewing for you, usually at your convenience but sometimes access for viewings may be restricted so alternative dates and or times will be offered to you.

After the viewing if you find that the property is not suitable for you we can add you to our mailing list, there are two options for this; you can manually register on our website and amend/delete information as you consider is necessary and you will get updates on any new properties added which match your search criteria or we can register your details for you on our in-branch marketing software which also sends you updates when new properties that match your search criteria come available.

Rentals Process

If you are happy with one of the properties which you have viewed through our agency and are happy to proceed, the next step is to speak with the agent who showed you around the property who will guide you through the next steps which are;

1. Pop into our office to supply us with your full details and pay your reservation fee using your bank card or cash or pay over the phone using your debit card if you prefer for your ease which will reserve the property for you.

2. We request the following documents from each tenant for our records;
a. Proof of identification
b. Proof of current address
c. Signed HomeLet declaration form (to authorise us to carry out the full reference)
d. Signed confirmation of offer (reservation fee form)

3. Once we have the above documents for all named tenants we will then start the referencing process through HomeLet (HomeLet’s Referencing Criteria Guide For Tenants) who is our external referencing company who will run a credit check on all of tenants and verify everyone’s employment details and current landlord reference (if applicable). If there are any issues with obtaining the references HomeLet will contact the tenant(s) direct to inform them so that they can prompt the referees to reply.

4. If the referencing comes back as not acceptable due to adverse credit history then you will fail the referencing and the reservation fee is not refundable and the property will be re-listed online immediately.

5. If your reference comes back as acceptable with guarantor then you will have the opportunity to provide us with a guarantor, this may delay your move in date if we were not aware at the beginning of the referencing process.

6. Once HomeLet finalise the referencing, we will speak with your landlord for them to review your paperwork and once we get the final approval we will contact you to arrange.

Moving in

At Homelink Lettings & Estates we understand that this will be a very busy day for you, so we try to help minimise the stress for you. We will help you set up your new standing order and we will switch the utilities for your new property into your name(s).

Remember to notify your current utility providers of your move and give them the up to date meter readings to close your account and also to notify other important companies of your move such as your Bank and Insurance.

On your moving in day we will meet you at our office where you will sign your new tenancy agreement, pay any outstanding balances and you will then head off to the property to meet the Inventory clerk who will take you around the property and hand you your keys

Mid tenancy

During your tenancy your property will be inspected during different intervals (usually quarterly) either by one of our agents or by your landlord direct, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice will be given to you and this can be re-arranged if necessary.

If we manage your property you can report a repair using one of the following methods:

By emailing info@homelink.co.uk or by calling us on 0208 882 2112.

End of tenancy

At the end of your tenancy we will be in contact with you to arrange your checkout on your last day at your property so that we can inspect the property against your original inventory.

It is important to ensure that the property is left in the same condition as when you moved in to avoid any deductions for repairs or cleaning.

After you have paid your last month’s rent, do not forget to cancel your standing order as we are not authorised to speak with your bank to cancel your standing orders and don’t forget to get your meter readings on your final day to close your utility accounts.

Rent in Advance

Equal to 1 months rent.


Equal to 5 weeks rent.

Change of occupancy during your tenancy

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